Monday, September 10, 2012

A Deficient Body & Fertility

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Sometimes God puts people in your life that give you a whole new perspective on things. For us, God put a lot of couples around us that had a hard time conceiving a child. I've known at least 4 really close friends that had to go to extreme fertility measures before they were blessed with their sweet child(ren). With these people around me it gave me (at least) two things. One-complete respect and awe for these couples that surpassed these trials, and two-a strong case of paranoia that we could have difficulties conceiving as well.

When we finally decided to have a baby, I was worried that we would have a hard time. I heard that 6 months to a year is completely normal. As we approached the 6 month mark however I started to get a little panicked. I spoke to other friends who took at least 6 months and I kept reminding myself that this is normal. Now I know some of you reading this probably gaff at my 6 months. I know that's barely any time. I have close friend-couple that took over 6 years so I understand that's nothing to some of you. Even with these reminders I decided that I could at least research as much as possible to increase our chances of conceiving and conceiving quickly.

One thing that I found while researching was in regards to the vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can help your body be in optimum condition for conceiving a child. Your body can be deficient in different vitamins and minerals that are needed to the best fertile conditions! I am by no means a scientist or biologist, but I figured I could at least pass this information along or at least document for myself!

For me (women) this is what I took:
-I continued taking my prenatal supplements to get Folic Acid and other good vitamins and minerals. Folic Acid is important to prevent birth defects.
-Vitamin B12 (Deficiency causes anemia which has been known to create fertility problems)
-Zinc (Deficiency disrupts the normal menstrual cycle)
-Vitamin C (helps with proper hormone production)

For my hubby (men) this is what he took:
-Vitamin C (helps with proper hormone production)
-Maca Root
-X Action from Nature's Sunshine
-Zinc (can help increase sperm count)

I found this information on an Nature's Sunshine Products forum. A lot of the comments talk about NSP products, however you can find most of these products anywhere. Here's the link if you want more info:

The first month of us taking these supplements religiously, we got pregnant. I can't say for sure that these vitamins helped us conceive, it could have been a coincidence. What's the harm though? If you take the recommended doses and it helps your body get it the best possible condition, you may as well. It also gives you baby the best start possible!