Sunday, November 25, 2012

My New Adventure: Cloth Diapering

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Holy Hannah. I can't believe we made the jump. I purchased our first cloth diapers on Black Friday. It was a great deal, we were strongly leaning towards it anyway, so we did it.

Let me backtrack a little. I quit my job. Yep, my good paying, many hours, weekend working job. I'm still working full time, but at a much easier, less demanding, more mom-friendly job. This will be a painful change for our family. We're used to having extra spending money. We've done 'rice and beans' before, but that was for saving purposes not because we were too tight. Well with this change it was much easier to convince my husband to cloth diaper (I also had to mention that the money we would save could buy a turbo for his car), but in the end the money savings won. I didn't think it would happen but it did.

It was fairly quick from that point. I talked to a few of my friends who CD, went to a class to look at all the options, left completely overwhelmed, and now I'm here. Black Friday came and there were so many great deals-I got 14 diapers for only $180. WOW! They weren't all the cheap ones either. Here's my stash so far:

1. 6 Fuzzibunz
2. 2 Econobums with 3 prefolds
3. 2 Flips with 3 stay dry inserts
4. 4 BumGenius FreeTime all-in-ones (AIO).

Now I am COMPLETELY new to this so I have no idea if this is a good starter stash, but it will work for now. I figure I can try out these, see which we like and then go from there. I also bid on EBAY for a diaper sprayer. We'll see if I get it though. I'm currently on a hunt for a PlanetWise Wet Bag, but I'm trying to figure out which kind I want. I have no idea what to do about a pail...should I use a wet bag?

As for everything else I'm completely overwhelmed. The idea of the laundry problems that can arise scare me. I'm not 100% familiar with the process of cloth diapering but I figure I'll learn it as I go. I feel completely unprepared-usually I'm much better researched and educated, but the sales got to me!

Any advice or encouragement is appreciated on our new journey. Maybe I should change my blog to A Little MORE Granola??

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