Saturday, April 14, 2012

Put Me In Overalls

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I'm officially a gardener. I just planted my first vegetable garden (of my own)! We grew up with a large one but I only cared about the beautiful pumpkins. My poor mother did the rest of the work. Mine is a small garden, but it's a start. I used a City Pickers Patio Garden Kit to get started.

I chose Harvest Plenty soil made from fruit and vegetable compost and it was completely organic. No poop-like the bag said! It's even made right here in Salt Lake City.

I added in Azomite, a natural mineral product that is mined here in central Utah. I love local products! It's 100% natural with no additives, synthetics, or filters. It claims that "Gardeners can see increased germination rates, improved yield, more flowers, disease and pest resistance and better tasting vegetables."

Today we went and picked out the starters and seeds. I didn't really have a plan (remember, I'm a beginner!). I found a few herbs that I really wanted and a few vegetables. I planted basil, parsley, cilantro, Rebor kale, spinach, red peppers, green peppers, and zucchini. I also added a few marigolds to keep away pests. It's said that planting marigolds with your produce is the safest, natural way to garden organically.

I'm so excited to begin harvesting my own herbs and veges! Especially since we've been eating more. It gets expensive buying organic produce. Ya, I'm ridiculously excited.

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