Tuesday, March 27, 2012

About Me

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Thanks for visiting my blog. So you want to know a little about The Author. I'm a full-time working 27 year old wife and new mother. My husband is wonderful and we have a beautiful baby boy who's almost 6 months. We live in an older home in Utah and enjoy(ed) fixing it up.

I have recently begin to acquire A LOT of topics I'm passionate about. I've never been one to give unsolicited advice; I hate the stuff. However with so many things on my mind I've just wanted to talk about it all to whoever will listen. Thus, the blog. I will try my best to make sure everything is well researched and as accurate as possible. Remember, I'm new to this too.

Most of my passions have leaned more towards the natural side of life. I've become a little crunchy over the years. It's been a process. The food I was raised on was probably much like the food you grew up with. Processed foods, a limited selection of veggies, sugars, additives, chemicals and more food that I no longer want to put in my body.

I also grew up with a high medical influence. My family went through trials that led us to hospitals and doctors quite frequently. My mother then became a nurse. I didn't know there was a more 'natural' way to deal with some medical issues. I sadly didn't see any connection between what we ate and how we felt.

As I've grown and found my own path and I've discovered that I like being a little crunchy. I love that I tried a natural birth, used a midwife & doula, & have my little guy on an alternative vaccine schedule. I'm a baby-wearing, baby-wise using, breastfeeding, real food eating, Jesus loving, budget crazy and emotional health promoting woman. I'm A Little Granola, and I'm beginning to really like it.

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