Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I'm a Sugarholic

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I'm a good auntie. When my nephew was selling buckets...yes I said buckets of cookie dough, I bought one. I first put down the double chocolate fudge cookies because, well they speak for themselves. I thought better of it though and knew if I stuck with that selection, I would end up having to eat most of them since my husband prefers regular chocolate chip cookies. Wisely, I changed my selection to the regular kind.

They were dropped off tonight. He wanted me to try them (he's 7) so even though I made sure to tell him that it was against my food charter-I would try the dough just for him. Now we all know it wasn't painful at all. I thoroughly enjoyed the excuse. What kind of auntie would I be if I denied him the pleasure of seeing me enjoy his cookie dough.

Having that cookie dough in the fridge is painful. I so badly wanted to throw a few spoonfuls in the oven and enjoy a freshly baked, local may I add (Utah's Best), but processed and preservative full cookie. Luckily I made myself a nice hot cup of Chamomile Lavender tea instead.

I'm a sugar addict, and I'm not quite sure how to quit.

I've gone spurts without sugar, or with limited sugar. I tell myself I can say no any time. I deny the donuts at the office all the time. I can go in the break-room and pass up the chocolate covered almonds. I can quit anytime. I'm not addicted. Sugar isn't a drug. Well, when I'm alone my little sugar demons come out. You know the ones I'm talking about I'm sure.

I've recently learned these little demons are actually opioids and dopamine. Opioids are responsible for making me feel so good after having that freshly baked cookie. Dopamine is responsible for making me eat more. Don't get me wrong, I take responsibility for my actions as well, but it's important to know that sugar is literally ADDICTING. There is an actual chemical reaction caused by what we eat. It triggers our reward system and steers our attention toward the food causing the reaction.

There's many ways to combat this addiction, and I'll go into that more in the next post. For now, realize that if you're a sugar addict, don't feel ashamed. Remember you're not alone.

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