Friday, March 30, 2012

Sometimes The Pediatricians Office Is Just Difficult

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Finding a pediatrician we liked was a difficult search. In the midst of the medical world, I wanted someone that was a little more 'natural'. I was lucky and got a reference from a friend for a pediatrician in the office I wanted. She comes from the same cloth I do-if not a little more crunchy. Her pediatrician didn't like her stance on a lot of issues, but he accepted them and was respectful. That's sometimes the most you can ask for these days.

He wasn't taking new patients, but since we were a referral we got in after a month or so. I really liked him. He took his time with us, explained things, and listened. When I first met him I told him I was pretty much convinced not to give Peanut any vaccines, but I wanted to know his thoughts. My backup plan was an alternative schedule suggested by Dr. Sears in The Vaccine Book. We walked out with only 2 out of the 6 recommended vaccines. We felt this was best for our family. He was as my friend said-he had his stance, but he was accepting and respectful.

Today was  little harder than normal. It feels like every time we go, we go over the vaccines again. He gives me another pro-vaccine book to read, etc. Today we also went over a fluoride prescription now that Peanut is 6 months and Zantac for his acid reflux.

His explanation for the fluoride was interesting. He said since there isn't fluoride in our water, we need to supplement it. I then proceeded to mention that my 6 month old wasn't drinking water, only breast milk. He said that was fine, he prefers it that way. I dropped it, but was thinking...if he's not drinking water, why do we need to supplement what isn't in the water?? It doesn't make sense except that he won't be getting fluoride from me I guess. Instead, I'll just brush with a little Kids Act Fluoride every once in a while-once he has teeth.

Then the Zantac. We've had this prescription since Peanut was about 2 months old. I only gave it to him when it was really bad, but it's been at least 2 months. The only symptom that is still around his a cough. This was the frustrating part of the visit. I asked if he could suggest anything 'natural' for it instead because I wasn't comfortable giving a 6 month old medication twice a day. I mentioned that I'm open to it if necessary, but would prefer not to. His reasoning was that I needed to remember that something manufactured and something grown is still medication, so it's the same. This makes me laugh inside. After a drawn out conversation where he finally said that I didn't have to treat it as long as it wasn't bothering him too much, he said "you can just watch him cough". Now he could have been lightly joking, which is how I treated the comment.

Now that isn't something that I would stop seeing him for. We have a good relationship and he knows my stance on things. It's just sad that going to the pediatrician can be so frustrating. That you can be on such a different page than the person you're trusting with your child's health. It's also hard as a new mom to stand up and tell a DOCTOR your opinion. I'm learning though. Each time I do, I'm more confident and proud.

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